Identity Theft Can End Your Life

Identity theft has become the fastest growing crime in America. When someone steals your personal information and uses it for criminal purposes, your life has pretty much ended. Personal information is your life and happiness. It is very hard to prove that someone else has been using your information to gain money, property, and automobiles. These items are a must to survive. If you want to stay alive in the twentieth century, guard your personal information like a watch dog. We will be discussing three of the most important documents stolen by identity thieves. They are your social security number, bank information, and on-line activity.

The social security number is the hardest to protect. This number starts at birth and goes through about 100,000 hands until you die. Let’s trace part of this numbers journey. It starts in the hospital. The hospital attaches it to the birth certificate. The birth certificate is sent to the state and Washington, DC. You are asked to fill out a social security application for the new baby. Then big brother steps in to make sure they can tax all the money you make. When you apply for a driver’s license you must present a social security number.

The bank is another place your information goes through a lot of hands. You open up a checking account and give your social security number. This is where all your personal information gets joined together. Your name, address, phone number, debit card, credit card and your pin numbers are linked. All this information is given to the bank and everyone in the bank can access this information.

Everyone is being forced to do business on line. The internet offers many services. These services allow you to apply for jobs, bank, and shop. This is wonderful. I don’t even have to leave my home. Now, the hackers have all the information. When I go to the restaurant I just swipe my card and go out the door. Now, the hackers have my whole life history in a swipe of a card. You have just put the information in their hands to start identity theft. If you are shopping on-line, be sure to use a bank that has good security. This will guard against your information being stolen or used in criminal activity. If you fall victim to identity theft, your life will turn into a nightmare. It is very hard to prove not guilty.